Now you can attend to a medical consultation without leaving your home or workplace. What do you need?

A cell phone (mobile), or an iPod or a PC/Laptop

With Internet access

And a Credit/Debit card


  1. Choose the best time for the beginning of your appointment among the available options in the online booking agenda in our web.
  2. Choose the consultation duration (how long you consider will be needed for your appointment). As the online agenda is closed, the length of the appointment is less flexible than the face-to-face appointments.
  3. Pay the appointment with Stripe a very safe and convenient payment gateway.
  4. Send by email all the analysis and medical reports you want to ask Dr. Gómez Trujillo so that he can have a look before the connection.
  5. Fill the medical information form on our web and send by Email BEFORE the appointment to be seen also before the consultation.
  6. 10 minutes before your appointment you will receive a link (internet address) to begin with the videoconference that can be with voice only or voice plus image.
  7. With only copying the provided internet address (URL) the free connection will be activated (it’s not necessary to paid any phone company as the connection is via internet) using Zoom, a free software that is downloaded and installed automatically in your device (if not previously installed) with only the provided URL activation.
  8. Zoom is a videoconference software that encrypts the information keeping the data safe and confidential through internet. It does not need a wide band so can work properly in internet connections with low speed or cell phones 3G or higher.
  9. After your consultation, you will receive your prescriptions and/or medical report in a pdf format easy to print. Dr. Gómez Trujillo is register in Spain and his prescriptions are valid in any Spanish chemist. In you are consulting from outside Spain you need to check the local laws and regulations.

Dr. Gómez Trujillo Diabetes Center

Desde hace 20 años, la consulta del Dr. Francisco M. Gómez Trujillo, en Fuengirola (Málaga), da un servicio de calidad y un trato individualizado a cada paciente, ya que las necesidades de cada persona son únicas y diferentes.

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